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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grimm News

A Grimm Bromance: Nick and Monroe
It's true. Our own Rabidchild67 has been cheating on White Collar with another fandom: Grimm. She's even started a blog dedicated to the show, along with the talented Virgo79. (Elrhiarhodan is on board too, lending her graphic wizardry. Where will it end?)

It's an intriguing show; I'll give RC that. Fairytales, in this world, are far more real than we'd like--and Nick has the uncanny ability to spot the fantastic beings who menace humankind. Fortunately, one of those beings, a blutbad (or big bad wolf) named Monroe, is on his side.

Nick and Monroe have a very different chemistry than Neal and Peter, but it's palpable nonetheless. I can't blame RC for getting sucked to their world and their struggles!

The good news? RC's not leaving White Collar or White Collar Fixation. It's not cheating, she says--it's more of an OT3 thing. As long as everyone can keep their jealousy in check, she sees no reason to choose between fandoms.

So head on over to Trust Your Grimmstincts and see for yourself: it really is possible to give your heart to more than just one show.