Open and Respectful

Neal and Peter in Payback
We recommend lots of  fan fiction on this site! As fan fiction lovers, we're open to multiple interpretations of the relationships between the characters of White Collar, and we will strive to remain respectful to these differing interpretations. So you will find gen fics that focus on Peter and Neal's bromance, father-son relationship, or brotherly attitude toward each other; slash fics that focus on the idea of a romance between Peter and Neal; and OT3 fics that envision Peter, Elizabeth and Neal in a threesome romance.

(In fact, as long as the piece is well-written, we'll take just about any relationship. Neal-Sara? Neal-Alex? Neal-Mozzie? Neal-Jones? Mozzie-June? Elizabeth-Diana? Diana-June? Bring it on.)

However, we understand that not everyone enjoys slash or OT3 stories. (And, heck, maybe there are some people who don't enjoy gen stories.) That's fine--and that's one reason we strive to label each story we recommend appropriately. We're not trying to trick anyone into reading outside their comfort zone, so if you see us recommend a story without labeling it correctly, please let us know! You can contact us at

Thank you!

JRosemary, Elrhiarhodan and Rabidchild67