Fan Fic Recs

I'll keep adding to this list. Some categories overlap; a gen, friendship fic may also come across as pre-slash, depending on your glasses.

A note on the summaries: I've stolen them directly from the authors. The 'explicit content' warnings are mine.


A Penny for Your Thoughts by Aelfgfyu Mead

Peter didn't want to ask about the Haustenberg, but he couldn't help himself.

Artistry by Afiawri

Neal wishing for glory.

Not a Gun Guy by Afiawri

Peter decides Neal ought to be licensed to carry a firearm on the field; Neal decides Peter’s wrong. (Takes place after Hard Sell.)

Good Dog, Good Man by Auctorial

Peter learns to love and live with Satchmo.

Saturday Games by blackfic

Peter invites Neal to come play basketball in the park.

Where Else Am I Going to Go? by Cheride

A short tag to the pilot episode.

Yes the Hard Way by Cheride

A couple of missing scenes from Threads; Neal was awfully involved for someone who was supposed to be on a coffee run.

Vital Information by Cheride

Peter has a nagging suspicion that Neal can pull a scam, even when drugged. Missing scene for Vital Signs.

The Corner of Elk and Chambers by China_shop

Tag to Copycat Caffrey. (No Author summary, but I'll give you this much: Peter has a few words for Neal.)

Out of the Question by China shop

"So, there's the Ghost, the Dutchman, the Maven, Slippery Caesar," said Neal, casually. "Did you have an epithet for me?"

Life Imitates Art by Daria234

Future-fic about Mozzie aging, and the painting he keeps in his attic. (Set thirty years in the future.)

One Step Forward by Dash

Picks up immediately after the ending of S1.13 (Front Man) and prior to the start of S2.01 (Withdrawal) as Neal struggles, with Peter's help, to deal with the choices in front of him. Contains consenting, non-sexual discipline spanking.

Another Step Forward by Dash

Picks up immediately after 'One Step Forward.' Neal, Peter and Elizabeth continue to work through the aftermath of Kate's death and Neal's return to work. Please be aware that this story contains non-sexual discipline spanking.

Misstep by Dash

A short bridge and Part 3 of the Steps Series. Neal, Peter and Elizabeth continue to work through the aftermath of Kate's death and Neal's return to work. Please be aware that this story contains non-sexual discipline spanking.

Stepping Up by Dash

Part 4 of the Steps series. Neal, Peter and Elizabeth continue to work through the aftermath of Kate's death and Neal's return to work. Please be aware that this story contains non-sexual discipline spanking.

The Kinetics of Past and Present by DMK0064/Winterstar

Neal steals the Taurus to save Peter, but it reminds him of other times and other days.

Five Times Peter Burke Didn't Arrest Neal Caffrey by Doctor_Fangeek

The title is the summary. Neal!whumpage and Peter!whumpage.

Playing the Ace by Dotfic

Peter and Neal go into the woods on a stake-out, Elizabeth brings cookies, and Neal tries not to think about things.

Five Missing Pieces--The One Where Neal Expresses by Dragonfly

No summary from the author, so I'll do the honors: this clever piece shows us just how Peter and Neal escaped the clinic in Vital Signs. An excellent Peter/Neal friendship fic! (There are more parts to this series; the story contains the links.)

Working Lunch by Dragonfly

Don't you hate it when someone steals your lunch from the break room refrigerator? Agent Ruiz does.

Cooling Down by Elrhiarhodan

Sara Ellis is a driven career woman, but even driven career women need a way to relax.

Even the Stars Are Not Safe in Heaven by Elrhiarhodan

In the two years following Elizabeth Burke’s kidnapping and her safe recovery, Peter has cut Neal out of his life, unwilling to forgive his part in Elizabeth’s trauma or the betrayal of their own partnership. The story begins with Neal’s successful completion of his work-release, and he says goodbye to Peter. It is a moment of finality. But time passes, some wounds heal and tragedy brings them back together. (Mature Content)

Floriography by Elrhiarhodan

Neal is taught a secret language.

Hidden, But Not Lost by Elrhiarhodan

What lies hidden and doesn't necessarily want to be found.

My Heart Lay Waiting by Elrhiarhodan

Grief and loss and memory. [Missing scene for Withdrawal]

Of Great Worth by Elrhiarhodan

Satchmo understands his role.

The Door is Always Open by Elrhiarhodan

Set in Season Three. Peter wonders if he's taken the wrong approach with Neal; Neal wonders if he's going to make the biggest mistake of his life.

The Quiet Expression of Hurt Feelings by Elrhiarhodan

A fill from the prompt “Hurt Feelings” provided by Surreal_44.

The Road Not Taken / Likes the Desert, Misses the Rain by Elrhiarhodan

Two ficlets featuring a young Peter Burke were written for prompts from the awesome photoash.

It's a Start by ficwriterjet

This is a missing scene from the episode The Portrait. Peter is upset that Neal took the painting. Warning: M/M spanking of an adult.

We're Partners by ficwriterjet

This is a 'missing scene' story from the episode All In. It is a continuation of It's A Start. Warning: M/M spanking of an adult.

You're the Only One by ficwriterjet

This takes place during the episode Vital Signs. Neal breaks the law to help a friend, and Peter wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. Warning: M/M spanking of an adult.

Cat and a Hat by Frith_in_Thorns

Neal encounters a kitten.

Spinning Out by Frith_in_Thorns

Peter may be less than impressed at Neal taking risks in operations, but that doesn't mean he's not going to be there through the aftermath. (Gen or pre-OT3, depending on your goggles.)

Fortunate Son by Gaelicspirit

Caught in the demolition of an abandoned building, Peter and Neal are hurt, trapped, and running out of time. But it's in those moments they realize that it's not enough to know what someone is. To learn who they are, they have to ask the big questions.

Snowball Fights by GhiradelliFan

After an unprecedented snow-storm in Manhattan, Neal teaches the FBI to have some winter fun.

Things Left Unspoken by gnome781

Neal wasn’t sure when all of the wear of the last few months had finally begun to fray the edges of his control, but the last few hours had seen to it all coming unraveled.

By the Book by HalfshellVenus

A guide to the care and feeding of Neal Caffrey. (Title unrelated to the episode of the same name.)

Hell to Pay by Haveloved

He doesn't like guns, though he feels using one would be only fair. One almost took Peter's life away; another would surely be sufficient to put the man who'd shot Peter in the morgue.

Dramatis Personae by Hello_Mcee

He didn't feel like a Danny. But he didn't really feel like a Neal either. He didn't feel like anyone, that was the problem.

Following by Intrikate88

Everyone's chasing something.

You're Safe Here by InvisibleSpork

Neal comes to Peter offering information after having been beaten by an art-thief-cum-thug. Peter gives Neal temporary shelter because really, how could he turn him away?

Man of Means by Jadesfire2808

Sometimes, even when cases go wrong, they go right.

The Riddle by KCRenegade

There is a reason this is happening to Neal, to Peter, to Elizabeth, to everyone. Find the answer.(KidFic)

A Closer Eye by J. Rosemary Moss

Peter finds a way to keep a closer eye on Neal . . . at least for a week. Tag to The Portrait.

Forty Dollars, Half an Apology and a Promise by J. Rosemary Moss

It's astonishing what Neal can extract from Peter when the agent's a few drinks worse for the wear . . . but it's for Peter's own good. Tag to Flip of the Coin.

My Old Man by J. Rosemary Moss

Neal has a little fun with Peter’s ‘advanced’ age.

My Old Man: Fatherly Duties by J. Rosemary Moss

Neal has a surprising idea of what Peter owes him.  (Stand alone sequel to My Old Man.)

My Old Man: ATest of Wills by J. Rosemary Moss

Neal refuses to take his GED, regardless of the consequences. Stand alone chapter of the My Old Man series.

My Old Man: Just Like Family by J. Rosemary Moss

Neal tries for some father-son bonding with Peter. Stand alone chapter of the My Old Man series.

The Sentence by J. Rosemary Moss

Peter has a few words for Neal Caffrey after the kid hears his sentence. Pre-series one-shot.

Walking Away by J. Rosemary Moss

Sometimes, Mozzie learns, the best thing you can do for a friend is walk away. Set during Season Three; Part One of the Recovery Series.

Wine and Truth by J. Rosemary Moss

Peter begins the evening staking out Neal Caffrey--and ends it with a drunken suspect on his hands.

Peter at Bat by LadyGray99

Peter steps up to the plate.

Neal's Christmas by LauraCollared

A little history of Neal and Christmas--how he developed a unique tradition.

Origami by lionessvalenti

Neal Caffrey had sent Peter a lot of gifts over the years.

Consequences by Mam711

Neal needs to learn that his actions have consequences. Tag to In the Red.

Endeavors of a Shopping Excursion by Mauradingsnitch1314

Elizabeth is seeking the perfect gift for Peter's birthday, so she recruits Neal for a shopping trip. A look into the Burkes' marriage and Elizabeth's friendship with Neal. [Tag to Withdrawal]

Whom the Suit Fits by Misura

"Handcuffing people to beds is your idea of 'fun'?"

Off the Leash by Mojave Dragonfly

Neal's tracker stops working. Now what do they do?

In the Making by neontiger55

It's Neal's first New Year's Eve as a free man.

Like Skin by neontiger55

Neal is forced to paint a forgery for the FBI at the Bureau; Peter watches him work.

Second Breath by neontiger55

Neal isn't sure whether an identity crisis is inevitable in his line of work, or a sign of how far he's fallen.

The Bahamas are Boring this Time of Year by OnYourMark

Kate just dumped him, Agent Burke keeps laughing at him, and Neal has yet to realize just what a bad idea it is to antagonize the FBI. (AU pre-series)

Brokedown by OnYourMark

Neal has hit his breaking point; telling Peter about the treasure might get him thrown back in prison but, between the arrow through his arm and the constant exhaustion, he can't be bothered to care anymore. [AU Tag to As You Were]

The Weather Outside is Frightful by OnYourMark

A blizzard traps the White Collar team at Peter and Elizabeth's place. The good news: everyone's safe, warm and well-fed. The bad news? Neal is spiking a fever, and in this weather there's no way to get him to the hospital . . .

We Protect Our Own by OnYourMark

Serving a minor search warrant, Peter comes across a very illegal stash of pornography, and Neal has to face something he thought he laid to rest years ago. (Story deals with Neal as the victim of child pornography.)

Courage at the Side of Your Bed by Rabidchild67

El is injured, Peter can barely deal, Neal steps up.

Nighttime by Rabidchild67

Satchmo has stuff to do at night.

Too Full to Swallow My Pride by Rabidchild67

Peter and Neal are estranged in the aftermath of the treasure debacle. What is Peter supposed to think when he finds Neal unconscious with a half-empty pill bottle next to him?

What Else Should I Be? by Rabidchild67

Neal becomes suddenly ill during the polygraph test . . . (A slightly AU take on On Guard)

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? by Rabidchild67

Neal is seriously ill and Peter is beside himself with worry. He receives comfort from an unexpected source.

Another New Year's Eve by Rainy13

It's been a rough end to the year after the fiasco of the treasure and Elizabeth's kidnapping, and Neal is left all alone on New Year's Eve to contemplate things. But there might be hope for better things.

Her Boss's Keeper by Sholio

Diana has been working for the White Collar division for all of a week before she figures out that her new boss is, in fact, a thin shell of a grouch over a marshmallow center.

Shelter on a Foreign Shore by Sholio

AU. Peter, after being disabled on the job, buys a farm with El in upstate New York and raises horses. But retirement isn't suiting Peter so well, which means it's probably just as well when an injured forger turns up on their doorstep with troubles behind him.

Unspoken by Sholio

Peter has cancer; Neal deals.

Without a Clue by Sholio

Peter and Neal play the game of Clue.

Devil's Food by Soteriophobe

Neal loses a bet and is forced to eat Peter's deviled ham sandwich.

Taking a Ride by Tigerlily0

Which agent's ride did Neal "borrow"? Missing scene for Unfinished Business.

Provenance by tigs

“You know this isn’t goodbye, though,” Neal says. “You really don’t think I’ll just fade away, do you?” Set four years in the future.

Hide and Go Seek by Ursula4x

Neal's friend needs a baby sitter and Neal volunteers.

Honey by Ursula4x

Peter sometimes brings his work home.

Warm and Yellow in a City of Gray by Ursula4x

Peter tells Neal about his role in 9-11 and about going on after tragedy with some help from Satchmo. (Warning: Realistic details of 9-11.)

Always in Fun by Vain Glorious

And just like that, Neal was in Peter Burke's house.

Our Dance Gave Allegiance by Vain Glorious

“You will never guess what I stole,” Neal’s singsong voice came over the earpiece. (Slightly AU)

The Day Neal Punched Ruiz by Vesperwhisper

(The title says it all.)

Time in the Bat Cave by Winterstar

Neal contracts a serious illness; Peter waits.

Goodbye George by You'rebriliant

I think of them as my friends. Neal has an old friend to say goodbye to. Tag to What Happens in Burma.


Patience is a Seduction by Afiawri

Peter’s going to touch Neal everywhere but where he wants it most, just a little harmless revenge. (Explicit content.)

Impressionist by Astra Sequi

Neal and Peter go out of town on a case and they are bumped to a better-class suite due to an overbooking at the hotel. Peter takes the opportunity to seduce Neal.

A Confession by Atheneunknown

Peter wants a simple night alone, but simple never works with Neal Caffery in the picture. There is spanking, and Neal being a wee bit needy.

Property of . . . by Azure Chaos

Neal realises a truth about his relationship with Peter and finds the perfect way to express it.

Blind/Dates by Captanddeastar

Maybe if Neal meets a nice, law-abiding, reliable girl, he’ll stop giving Peter heart attacks and making the entire New York law enforcement establishment so damn nervous.

Jack of Diamonds by Captanddeastar

"I'm willing to give Caffrey the benefit of the doubt on this one," Agent Jezewski says, as NYPD secures the scene and techs pour into the room, congregating around the body. "But there's a process, Burke. You know that." (Warnings: this story deals with an off-screen rape.)

Immunity by China shop

Tag to Forging Bonds.

Paws by China shop

Peter's attention was on the kitten. It was small and black, with white whiskers, white paws and a small white bib on its chest. Its wide blue eyes were fixed on Peter. And it was wearing a collar with a blinking green light.

Pay Attention to the Light by CoffeeThyme4Me

. . . sleepy, sweet sex the morning after a night of rough, BDSM sex. (Very explicit content.)

Quiver by CoffeeThyme4Me

Getting off on pain? And, well, wings. (Wingfic. Explicit content.)

Whatever We Deny or Embrace by CoffeeThyme4Me

Tag to Payback.

Whore by CoffeeThyme4Me

BDSM, D/s, Filth, Love. (Very explicit content.)

Counterpose by Daria 234

When Neal spends a month helping out another office, Peter and Neal play a game by phone to keep things interesting.

Five reasons Peter is a better person than Neal, and one reason Neal is better than Peter by Daria234

Warnings for: rough fantasies, silly fantasies, issues of sexual shame

Love Will Keep Us Together by Daria234

Cupid intervenes and sends his arrows. Neal falls for Peter, El falls for Moz, Peter is very confused. Somewhat cracky. Much schmoop.

Room for Two by Daria234

So this is preslash where Peter and Neal have to spend the night in the same room, but this is at a point where neither of them really know how to categorize their feelings, so the kinks are on that borderline where a character kind of finds something sexy but doesn't want to be the one to say "hey, that's hot," so no one ever really acknowledges the latent kink in the room.

Try Something New by Daria234

Neal's past as a con artist means that he's always 'on' and this has an effect on his relationship with Peter, even if he doesn't want it to. Some angst, some sexual language and acts. Established relationship.

Angle by Dracofiend

Questions and answers with Peter and Neal.

Tally by Dracofiend

Peter and Neal—they each count the days. (Tag to Out of the Box)

Temptation by Dracofiend

This is Peter's first brush with temptation.

Caught Off Guard by Elrhiarhodan

Neal had come to a crossroads in his life, and he makes a decision that will impact his entire future. (Set in Season Three).

I Followed Your Breadcrumbs/They Led to the Sea by Elrhiarhodan

About Peter chasing Neal . . .

It Should Not Have Happened Like This by Elrhirhodan

In the game of 'what if,' this is how it happened. (Character death; attempted rape)

Rubbing Elbows with the Moon (Please Teach Me) by Elrhiarhodan

High school AU where Peter teaches calculus in a private school. Neal is his star pupil. (Warning for brief intimate contact between an adult and a 17 year old. Some explicit contact.)

The Stillness Still That Doesn't End by Elrhiarhodan

Neal goes off the reservation. So to speak. Peter takes him in hand. So to speak. (Warning for spanking of an adult.)

They Don't Have a Clue by Elrhiarhodan

Four Smart People Are Amazingly Clueless

Wash the Sins Away by Elrhiarhodan

A conversation that Neal was prepared for, but one that Peter never wanted to have. (Reference to gang rape.)

Top to Bottom by Gyzym

Neal Caffrey doesn't place bets without knowing the odds. (Explicit content.)

Crime and Punishment by Hoosierbitch

Neal crosses a line, and Peter needs to make sure that it won't happen again. (Very explicit content!)

A Nice Dinner by Hoosierbitch

Neal's been bugging Peter to take him out to a nice restaurant, and Peter finally agrees - with one condition. (Very explicit content!)

In and Out of Being by Isagel

So you know how White Collar is entirely a show about 24/7 bondage? Yeah. I sort of happened to write a thing about that, set within the events of All In. (Explicit content.)

The Thing (With the Guy in the Place) by Impertinence

Pre-show porn. Peter has a run-in in Boston. Title from Ocean's Eleven. (Explicit Content)

The Natural by Katikat

"Tell me, Mr. Caffrey, have you ever thought about the nature of dominance and submission?" (Could be gen or pre-slash. Warnings for an exploration of D/s.)

Crossed Wires by krazykipper

Neal had been no help at all as Peter tried to get them out of the Howser Clinic unnoticed. (Missing Scene for Vital Signs)

Power Play by Kelly-girl

There are times when Peter takes a stronger hold. (Explicit content.)

Forty-eight Hours by Kira Bouviea

It takes forty-eight hours to take down a crime lord.

Changing Teams by J. Rosemary Moss

Mozzie's perceptive observations cause Neal to rethink the nature of his partnership with Peter. Peter/Neal friendship, pre-slash and a bit of slash. Reference to mild and consensual corporal discipline.

To Seduce a Mark by J. Rosemary Moss

Neal teaches Peter how to seduce a mark . . . er, suspect.

Trust by Ladyeternal

Tag to Vital Signs. Peter is the only person Neal trusts. Peter decides to test that theory. Light BDSM. (Explicit content.)

Queequeg and Ishmael Road Trip in New Jersey by Linman

Neal's calling it the Bed Saga. Peter's calling it disaster.

Bulletproof Soul by Misura

'Because Peter's angry' ought to be far less of a reason for fear than 'because I could have been shot at and dead'.

Take Me Out To the Ballgame by OnYourMark

"We can have sex anytime. The Yankees play the Cubs three times a year." (Explicit content.)

A NotSoFairytale by Original-Elfkin

Neal's drunk off his ass, maybe dangerously so. And all he wants is for Peter to stop interfering with his textbook fairytale.

note by note by Preromantics

Wherein Neal writes notes and Peter and El save them all. When Peter went to pay the delivery guy, he'd folded open his wallet and nestled in-between 20s was a little note on a piece of torn paper. 'Better luck next time!' it said, 'You look smarter than the rest. - NC'

Brown Bag by PrettySami

Peter's wife has him on a diet and makes him a pretty lunch to make him want to eat. Neal didn't even bring lunch and wants Peter to share.

Afternoon Delight by photoash

What's a better way to unwind than a spanking? (Explicit content.)

Goodnight Irene by Rabidchild67

Wangst tale wherein Neal and Peter's dicks ride out the storm together.

Hungry by Rabidchild67

Just some PWP.  (Explicit content.)

Like You Mean It by Rabidchild67

Neal is stuck in the van while Peter is undercover and decides some dirty talk would be fun. (Explicit content.)

Riposte by Rabidchild67

Peter exacts revenge on Neal. Sequel to 'Like You Mean It.'

Snowbound by Rainy13

Peter and Neal find adventure on a roadtrip. (Mildly explicit content)

Immunity by Rebecca

Why the hell did Caffrey have to be so goddamned attractive? (AU fic with Neal as a high-class escort. Explicit content.)

Ten Minutes by Rebecca

"I think I have a right to meet the other man," she says. (Sequel to Immunity)

Does Not Fade to Gray by River's Bend

Peter makes Neal see things a whole new way. (Explicit content.)

All Wrapped Up by Ursula4x

Neal witnessed a murder in Seattle prior to his being caught by Peter. He tells Peter when he sees a picture of the mobster who did it and has to fly to Seattle to be a witness.

Ball and Chain by Ursula4x

Neal and Peter have a lot in common with El and Peter, Jones observes.

Love is a Many Splendored Thing by Ursula4x

Elizabeth thinks Peter and Neal should go on a date and Neal wants to see the Spring 2010 Emily Dickenson Exhibit. Meanwhile, Peter and Neal are the trail of a thief who steals artwork from a big corporation. The thief leaves copies of Dilbert cartoons at the site of his heists.

The White Collar Guy (SVU Crossover) by Ursula4x

SUV crossover. Stabler thinks Peter raped Neal when he is found in an alley after a violent attack. (Warning: rape)

The Overnight Guest by Zoicite

A short scene that takes place mid 1x11 (Home Invasion) - Taking Neal up on his offer of a place to stay isn’t turning out exactly as Peter expected.


Love by Alanwolfmoon

A joke that turns into an experiment turns into something more--or maybe it was all along.

Love Walked In (or five things that didn't work and one that did) by Asimaiyet

The one where Neal tries really, really hard to impress the Burkes.

Revenge by Birddi

Mozzie tries to be cool, on the down low, on the slip-slide of…oh let us be realistic, Mozzie’s full out smirking the next time he sees Neal, which is actually after dinner that night.

A Mile Away and Wearing Your Shoes by BlackEyedGirl

"Neal?" Peter puts his hand to his throat. That wasn't his voice. Not his hand either. "This isn't happening." Peter turns his head to see himself looking back. "Neal, that better be you in there." [Bodyswap]

Constellations in the Streetlight by China_shop

Neal takes Satchmo for a walk.

For the Taking by China_shop

"You realize that being entitled to something doesn't actually mean you can help yourself.'

Sway by China shop

Tag to What Happens in Burma

Undercover by China_shop

My Summary: Starts out with our guys undercover in a gay bar, ends up with an excellent exploration of consent issues.

Broken Bracelet by CoffeeThyme4Me

Neal can't sleep at his own place tonight.

Hold on to These Moments as They Pass by Cold Feet

A year ago, he was in prison, and now he's sprawled across a couch with the man who put him there and his wife like it's the most easy, natural thing in the world, even if he's been through hell to get here.

This Flesh and Bone by Desudis

Post Out of the Box: They're a Pietà.

Between the Darkness and the Dawn by Elrhiarhodan

There comes a time to say goodbye, and when all good things do finally come to an end. And yet, happiness does come, and it has a price worth paying.

Blue Ribbon by Elrhiarhodan

"Hold still, Neal." Peter spread shaving cream over his partner's cheeks and chin and neck. (Explicit Content)

How We Fit Together by Elrhiarhodan

Trying to Arrange a Threesome is Hard Work.

Neal Caffrey, (Wage) Slave by Elrhiarhodan

Neal discovers certain unpleasant facts of life.

Ulysses in St. Louis by Elrhiarhodan

Peter Doesn’t Need a Little Blue Pill. (Explicit content.)

Wings of Desire by Elrhiarhodan

Academic A/U - Peter’s a lonely Mathmatics Post Doc, burned out and fed up with academia. Neal and Elizabeth are glamorous, charming Post Docs in Physics. It’s Halloween, it’s windy, and Neal and Elizabeth and Peter are on a crash course with destiny.

Dice or No Dice by Gyzym

Neal's had to abandon the use of many of his more specialized skills; he'll be damned if he abandons this one. (Explicit content)

this true/false thing by Gyzym

Some things are true and some are not.

Once a Criminal by Gyzym

Peter and El have a mystery to solve. (Explicit content.)

Sundog by hello_mcee

Neal hasn't cared about the days of the week since he was first made to learn them. Until now.

Love is Not a Battlefield (I am no Hercules) by Hoosierbitch

He's not okay. (References to noncon, themes of PTSD and triggering.)

Bad Cop, Good Criminal Part One by Hoosierbitch

This fic is a single-line extra for kink_bingo! The squares are: film/photography, authority figures, pervertibles, and phone sex. For the middle square I chose painplay. (Explicit content; heavy BDSM)

Bad Cop, Good Criminal Part Two by Hoosierbitch

This fic is a a single-line extra for kink_bingo! The squares are: film/photography, authority figures, pervertibles, and phone sex. For the middle square I chose painplay. (Explicit content; heavy BDSM)

Let's Play Ball! by Hoosierbitch

Sonia6349's Awesome Prompt: Peter and El go to the softball/baseball FBI office outing in Central Park. Peter convinces Neal to come along. Someone thinks it would be funny to slip something in Neal's drink/food. Neal has an allergic reaction to it and ends up really sick. It all comes out in the wash and Peter freaks out but it's El that bitchslaps the culprit.

Shelter by Hoosierbitch

The week after, Neal stays with the Burkes. (Tag to Out of the Box.

Cut Off Point by Isagel

Four years is a long time. And then it ends.

Keeping House by J. Rosemary Moss

After hearing just how Peter would like to punish him for some shenanigans, Neal decides to take on a new role at the Burke residence. Tag to Vital Signs. Consensual adult discipline. (Sorry for the typos!)

Like Air by JRosemary

Peter wants to fix something that's not broken . . . (Asexual Neal verse)

Sleep by LadyGray99

Being Neal's lover is not what Peter expected.

Figure it Out by Lightgetsin

"You, upstairs," El said to Neal. He beamed, twirled on one foot, and trotted out. "And you need to stop making it so fun to mess with you," she added to Peter . . . (Explicit content)

Believable by Lionessvalenti

Neal's sick, and it's worse than Peter thought.

Flowers Are Easy by Lionessvalenti

It's easy to assume. It's even easier to let them assume.

Suddenly Important by Lionessvalenti

Neal travels alone to clear out his stash.

Plausible Excuses by Neptune's kisses

Neal lies awake in the Burkes' spare room, trying to work out how to get what he can't have...

Full Immunity by OnYourMark

Seven times Peter laid down his badge for Neal Caffrey. Or, from another angle, seven times Neal confessed to Peter Burke.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conmen by OnYourMark

There are six rules every conman should obey. Neal's going to break them all.

Five Times Elizabeth and Neal Carried on without Peter by Rabidchild67

Title says it all. (Explicit content.)

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep by Rabidchild67

Neal's been hurt and Peter's really angry about it. Takes place in Season Two, some time after Forging Bonds.

Safety Meeting by Sam Storyteller

Jones and Diana talk shop, promotions, politics, and the sex lives of their colleagues . . .

Some Assembly Required by Rabidchild67

A series of conversations between Moz and Elizabeth. And board games. (Tag to Point Blank.)

Give Us This Day by smallbear

Ten things about cohabitation. (Some explicit content.)

How Soon is Now? by surreal_44

Neal is lonely, so he watches and longs for something he can't have. (Mildly explicit content.)

Nap, Interrupted by Thegrrrl2002

Just a bit of porny fun. (Explicit content.)

Ask Me No Questions by Ursula4x

Peter is out of town and Ruiz blackmails Neal for sex, threatening to reveal a three way sexual relationship between Neal, Elizabeth, and Peter that does not (as yet) exist. (Warning: near rape.)

Play it again, Satchmo by Ursula4x

Neal, Peter, and El from Satchmo the dog's perspective.

Something About Jones  by Ursula4x

Agent Jones notices something about Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey and tries hard to keep the secret. When Elizabeth Burke is involved, Jones has a harder time than ever trying to cover up the relationship for the three.

You Are My Heartbeat by Ursula4x

Sonia asked for a story where Neal has a medical syndrome such as "Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome". It's a genetic condition resulting in a rapid heartbeat that can be very mild or can cause death. The scene with Moz, talking about his friend is ninety five percent Sonia's writing and there is also quite a bit of Sonia in the first hospital scene. (Explicit content.)


If Your Hopes Should Pass Away (Then Simply Pretend) by Elrhiarhodan

It's said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Neal tries to return a favor and unwittingly kills a dream.

It's a Little More Believable When We Touch by Lionessvalenti

Neal likes Sara, but it's always more complicated than just that. (References to Neal/Kate and Neal/Peter.)

To Cement These Frail Identities by Lionessvalenti

A casual double-date reveals more than expected.

Painting Pictures by Ozqueen

Neal paints Sara.

Do Your Fingers Itch? by Rabidchild67

Sara can't seem to get the image of a half-naked Neal out of her mind . . . Tag to In The Red. Somewhat explicit content.

Sitting Still by Rabidchild67

Sara gets bored in a staff meeting and thinks of Neal . . . (Mildly explicit content.)

Something Comfortable by Sahiya

Sara considers herself competent in any number of areas--including two forms of martial arts, three languages, and the circumvention of the most common high-end security systems--but she's never been good with vulnerability. In fact, one might say she's allergic to it.

To Make a Difference by Sheenianni

When things start to get out of hand, Neal pays Sara a visit and they have a heart-to-heart. (AU tag to As You Were.)

Other Pairings

Easier Things by Afiawri, Elrhiarhodan, Hoosierbitch and Rabidchild67

How Neal got the warden's wife's credit card in the Pilot. (Neal/OFC; Explicit Content; dubious-con)

Anyone But by afiawri

If it were anyone but the Suit, anyone but Agent Burke, life would be livable. (Peter/Mozzie--sort of)

No Stranger to Vanity by afiawri

His vanity hasn't gotten out of control. (This one's all about Neal's love for Neal. Explicit content.)

They're Just Old Light by asimaiyat

Neal brought one photo of Kate with him to prison. (Neal/Kate; Sexual content)

Not for Her by asimaiyat

He didn't pray for her. (Neal/Kate; tag to Out of the Box)

Game Theory by busaikko

Everyone has Neal's best interests at heart. (No warnings, but I'm not sure if this fits 'other pairings.' It may be a friendship fic between Neal and Moz--you'll have to judge!)

Into the Fire (Or Five Times Mozz Caught Neal With His Pants Down) by Gyzym

There's more than one way to see a man naked. (Multiple pairings; Explicit content.)

Love's a Universe Beyond Obey by Hoosierbitch

In which Neal has bruises, Moz makes cake, and everybody sleeps on the fold-out couch. (Warnings for off-screen violence, abuse and rape.) (Neal/Mozzie)

Five Times Peter is Unexpectedly Romantic by lionessvalenti

Every little moment counts. (Peter/Elizabeth)

Fulfilling Fantasies by lionessvalenti

After finding an adult magazine of Peter's, Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands. (Peter/Elizabeth; Explicit content.)

Headstone by lionessvalenti (Keller/Kate)

Before heading to Chicago, Keller has one stop to make.

It's 3AM I Must Be Lonely by lionessvalenti (Diana/Christie)

Alone, Diana makes her entertainment with Christie's robe.

Talking Dirty by lionessvalenti

Peter comes home for a shower and to tell Elizabeth some good news.

Lessons Learned by non sequential

Neal learns a lesson about letting himself in to other people's houses. (Peter/Elizabeth, maybe pre-Peter/Elizabeth/Neal. Mildly explicit content.)

Old Habits by non sequential

Over four years in prison you develop habits. Some of them are hard to break. (Neal solo, or pre-Peter/Neal. Mildly explicit content.)

Meeting Like This by Rabidchild67

Neal and Jones have dinner, then each other. (Neal/Jones; explicit content)

Get a Grip by Rabidchild67

"The last person you'd expect Mozzie to fantasize about."