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Thinky Thoughts on Seminal Scenes: Book of Hours ~ "Damn it. I've never been a gun guy."

Thinky Thoughts on Seminal Scenes: Threads ~ "I'm really glad you got into the White Collar Crime Division where nothing exciting happens."

Thinky Thoughts on Seminal Scenes: Pilot ~ "Help me out here, you're the romantic.What's the deal with the bottle?"

Open and Respectful ~ A note about this site, and about being open to multiple interpretations of Peter and Neal's relationship.

How much back-story does a pilot need? ~ An article claims that the Pilot didn't give us enough back-story. Why it's wrong.

What Should Peter Do? ~ How should Peter handle and/or punish Neal in the wake of the Season Two mid-series finale?

Five Things I'd Like to See in January 2011 ~ To comfort myself during hiatus, I compiled a list of five things I'd really like to see when White Collar returns.

White Collar is Brilliant ~ Thoughts about the summer finale, plus excellent comments!

More About the Trust Issues Between Peter and Neal ~ Insights from WC writer Joe Henderson

Does White Collar Need the Mythology? ~ What happens without Kate and the music box?

Peter-Neal Relationship ~ Why I don't object to 'dom-ish' Peter

A Matter of Trust ~ Did Neal fail to tell Peter about his investigation into Gina because of a lack of trust?

Forgiveness Times Five ~ Five Times Neal and Peter forgave each other without angst

Alex is Growing On Me ~ Pairing her with Peter for a scene helped.

Badges and Tracking Anklets ~ One line of Peter's holds muliple meanings . . .

Not to You ~ Neal's never told Peter a direct lie . . .

So How Much Does Peter Know About Neal? ~ Why doesn't Peter know that Neal didn't graduate high school?

Unusual Pairings ~ White Collar (and other USA shows) pair up unlikely characters . . .

Was She the One? ~ Why we need a flashback of Neal and Kate.

I Own You For Four Years ~ Musings on Neal's anklet and Peter's authority over him.

Cheated ~ We still don't know which side Kate was on.