Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poll Results: Your Favorite Season Four Episode So Far . . .

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey
The results are in! We had 93 votes altogether--our winner, with 33 of those votes, was Gloves Off. (Nothing tops shirtless, sweaty Neal and Peter!)

I had a tough time with this one: I narrowed it down to Diminishing Returns and Vested Interest, but ultimately went with Vested Interest. I wasn't a fan of the tension between Peter and Neal this season, but I thought that low-key, gradual reconciliation was perfect.

Take a peek below the cut to see the full results:

 Wanted:   8 (8%)
 Most Wanted:   13 (13%)
 Diminishing Returns:   7 (7%)
 Parting Shots:   1 (1%)
 Honor Among Thieves:   4 (4%)
 Identity Crisis:   1 (1%)
 Compromising Positions:   8 (8%)
 Ancient History:   6 (6%)
 Gloves Off:   33 (35%)
 Vested Interest:   12 (12%)


Elrhiarhodan said...

I loved Identity Crisis too, because I always love Mozzie-centric eps.

But there was something about Diminishing Returns, maybe how it so strongly focused on the relationship between Peter and Neal that made it my favorite.

In my completely unscientific opinion, I don't think there was a dud ep this season, even the rather difficult to watch Honor Among Thieves had some terrific moments.

J. Rosemary Moss said...

Some one mentioned on another poll thread that Identity Crisis would have worked better as a Psych episode, which always has that kind of zaniness going on!

I understand where they were coming from, but I liked the zany, lol. But I voted for Vested Interest, for the low-key make up scenes. :D