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Hurt/Comfort Fanfic Recs – Pat the Woobie!

I love Hurt/Comfort in fiction. Not just fanfiction – I love it in all media. Nothing will make me crazier for a show or movie than the sight of a beloved protagonist being injured or falling seriously ill. Why?? Is it the glimpses of vulnerability in the stricken? Probably. Is it the loving care and emotion portrayed by the victim’s friends and family that we rarely see otherwise? Most definitely. Is it the sight of pretty, pretty boys and girls struggling manfully (women can struggle manfully, yes?) with adversity? Absolutely!

My connection to H/C is well known – I even moderate an entire community dedicated to it within the White Collar fandom, and fully half my stories have a H/C aspect to them.  The problem is, I make more time to write than I do to read, and so I cheated a little for this rec list by asking my LJ Flist and my Twitter followers for some advice.

The Lesser of Two Evils by Ursula4x
This is literally the story that made me fall in love with White Collar fandom. Neal did what he had to do to survive in prison and his creepy “protector” is now out and stalking him. Rated NC-17 for dub-con, and eventual OT3.

This is my #1 favorite h/c story, hands-down! It features one of my favorite tropes (trapped in a collapsed building!), with an injured Peter and really-injured Neal bonding over their pasts. I just love the tension and the drama in it as Peter tries to cope with Neal's steadily declining condition. Gen.

This series centers on the aftermath of an extreme injury to Neal that occurs post-anklet. It is angsty, and juicy, and though the writer promises an eventual happy ending, the road there is fraught with pain and setbacks. H/C at its finest. Gen.

Neal and Peter are in a D/s relationship, and that’s cool, right? What happens when it suddenly isn’t? This series explores the inherent power differential and dub-con elements in a relationship between a convicted felon on work release and his FBI handler. Rated NC-17 for a reason, kiddoes. OT3.

Our own Elrhiarhodan is quite a prolific writer of fanfic, and her specialty is what she would call “emotional hurt/comfort.” It’s hard for me to pick a single favorite among them, but this one resonates as almost the ultimate post-anklet story. Neal, Peter and El can finally be together and explore a relationship, but Neal has other plans – plans to be a better man, and putting them into action will take him away. The effect on Peter is devastating, raw and real. Rated NC-17 for some smex. OT3.

Another writer for whom it is difficult to choose a favorite, this series deals with the aftermath of a sexual assault on Neal. Rated R in parts for adult themes, the relationships are Gen.

This magical story is hard to explain… Keller has kidnapped Peter and spirited him away to another, parallel universe – but which one? Neal must follow to save Peter, visiting hundreds of alternate realities, and experiencing hundreds of different fates in them – will he ever find his friend to bring him home? Gen.

This fic was so awesome, it inspired the vidder Rumrouz to create the following:

Of all the Neal self-loathing fics written during the S3 hiatus (of which I was an enthusiastic participant), this is one of the best. Emotionally raw – it will make you cry as a critically ill Neal nearly dies because he doesn’t know who to call for help. Gen.

Anchored by Ariadnes_string
Neal is delirious with fever and Peter finds a unique way to soothe him. This is a wonderful and touching bit of hurt/comfort - perfect for a rainy day. Gen.

Cripes, I could go on forever, and my friends’ recs are listed below, but I wanted to give a LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST shout-out for “The Neal Whump Master List.” Avid H/C fans Kanarek13 and TJ_teejay have compiled a nearly comprehensive list of stories featuring all the whumpage inflicted on poor Neal Caffrey, and posted on the White Collar Hurt/Comfort Community. It’s got all the whump you could want, all arranged alphabetically by affliction, and updated quarterly. I know – it's genius!!!

Peter Whumpage List! by Nycwc
It's limited to entries, but this is a decent list if I do say so. Hurray, somewhere for fans of Peter!Whump to turn!

The Flist Speaks!

Below are some of the many recs my Flist and Tweeps shared with me. I know you will enjoy them all!

Recommended by @LauraCollared
AU in which Neal is a teen prostitute, and Peter a kindly policeman. Rated NC-17 for sexual situations. Slash.

Recommended by @azertynin
This is a wonderful fever!fic, written during the S3 hiatus, so we don’t know how or even if the Dynamic Duo will get past the drama, so their relationship is just a little prickly. It’s really wonderful! Gen.

Recommended by @patamar2 AND Brabbel
We’ve recommended this wonderful story before, but it deserves another one, it’s that good! NC-17 for non-con and very adult themes.

Recommended by Sahiya
This one’s pretty awesome and hilarious – Elizabeth is mugged, and Neal and Moz exact their own particular kind of justice on the perpetrator. Gen.

Recommended by Frith_in_Thorns
A wonderful take on the injured-in-the-middle-of-nowhere trope. Gen.

Recommended by Attackfish
OK, I confess I only skimmed this one, but what I saw was utterly delightful. Snappy, bright dialogue, and Attackfish is a smart cookie, so you know it’s good! Gennish.

Recommended by: Ivorysilk
Sci-fi AU in which Neal doesn’t have a tracking anklet, but is neurally fused to Peter’s mind. Simply terrific. Rated PG through R. OT3, I believe.

Recommended by Isoldam
AU in which work release felons like Neal are controlled with shock collars instead of tracking anklets. Rated R for violence.


LauraCollared said...

I can't wait to have time to read all the ones I haven't read yet! lol.

Anonymous said...

There is a Peter whump list too that was started recently by nycwc on


rabidchild67 said...

@Kim - Thanks for the info - I've added the Peter Whumpage list to the rec list.

Anonymous said...

Question: What happened to the Keller-Rec list which was collected a while back, during the Keller week? Did it ever got published?

J. Rosemary Moss said...

What happened is that I still haven't put it together! But maybe we can add it to this fest :D

Anonymous said...

The link for The Refuge Series by Aisle_one doesn't seem to be working?

rabidchild67 said...

@Anon 6:36 PM: It's working for me, but that could be because it's cached in my browser. Here is a link to the first in the series:

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Really late comment but I think the problem with the Refuge Series link is that Aisle_one's journal is friends only. You have to be in her fic filter to read the entries.

The link on here does not work for me either.

Here is the link for it at AO3


Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find aisle_one's work on LJ or AO3. Any idea where I can find it, it sounds like a great read!

J. Rosemary Moss said...

Sadly, I don't see it either! The author does have an AO3 page, but no stories on LJ anymore. Maybe the author is still updating the AO3 page?

Here's the link to the AO3 page: